Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I recently completed a new piece of work that I am really quite excited about.

It is a set of three weedpots, turned from the same piece of wood on five different axes. At first glance the faces of the weedpots seem to be decorated with random carving, but when they are properly arranged a single circular design can be seen. When the weedpots are rotated, you will find that there are four such designs to look at.

One of the things I really like about 'Triplets I" is the way the surfaces of each weedpot meet at the corners. It makes for some really interesting shapes.

Click the link to see more pictures and learn about my latest piece of sculptural woodturning.

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new2turn said...

Excellent work Derek. A very Creative, inspiring pc of art. Where did you find the inspriation for this piece?

Derek Andrews said...

It was from a combination of two pieces of work by other turners. One was called "A Group of Friends", essentially a set of three vases or weedpots. The other was a sculptural piece, a block of wood turned on both faces, then shapes cut out of that block and stood alongside it.

Mike said...

Wow, how creative and intriguing! I imagine you are mounting these three pieces to some type of wooden faceplate? How?

Derek Andrews said...

Mike, they are simply screwed on to a large plywood faceplate. The screw holes are in the last of each piece, and are removed when the pieces are finally turned on their long axis.