Monday, August 16, 2004

Creating Creativity

I spend a lot of time doing what I would call production work. I have well established designs, I know how to make them, and I do nothing else all day, sometimes even day after day, or week after week. It is what pays the bills.

The problem I find is that it dulls my creativity. The mind goes numb and it becomes very difficult to create something new when I have to.

A few days ago when I dropped by Carvers Coffee House & Studio and they asked if I would like to join in an open house they are having this coming weekend. Initially I wasn't too thrilled at the prospect since I don't have a portable lathe I can take to do demo's. But then I thought what if I take some turnings and do some carving on them. Well, why not? That little spark was enough to get me thinking about things I can take too carve.

So far I have come up with some chunky and rather badly turned vase forms which will make unusual garden ornaments. This idea came from Richard Raffan's 'Turning Projects', but I am adding some burnt areas to the vases and then carving designs through the charred areas. Another idea I have is for some 'things to hang on walls'. Simple little turned wall hangings with space for texturing by carving. Finally I hope to do turn some Bits'n'bobs bowls in butternet and do some relief carving on the rims.

So this chance conversation has set me off in new directions and got me out of a non-creative rut. I don't know what will result from it, but it is nice to be able to take some time off from the production mindset and play with new ideas.