Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Winter woodturning

I can't believe that four months have passed since I last wrote in this blog. Winter is pretty much over, though it was a cold one, and we had one abnormal winter storm that closed the whole province for several days.

I have been quite busy keeping up with orders and trying to get the shelves filled in the gallery ready for the summer. My new website is up and running, and I have dealt with most of the things I need to get done associated with the change of business name. There are still road signs to repaint, which is not a job I look forward to, but it is much cheaper than having them done commercially.

The last few days I have been turning weedpots, and have some interesting ones with neat features such as natural faces, bark inclusions, splits and knots. I really enjoy working with this more interesting material and working with the wood to incorporate the natural features into the design. I like to turn inset beads into some of the disrupted areas to see how the beads interact with the natural features.