Saturday, May 21, 2005

Curly Shavings

Apart from the pleasure of making beautiful artefacts, woodturners often delight in the shavings which pour off the cutting edge of their tools. A sharp tool, properly presented to the wood can produce long streams of shavings. This is often associated with turning 'green' wood, but here are some shavings I made while turning bottle stoppers from kiln-dried maple.

Ribbon shavings from the parting tool

These ribbon-like shavings are made by the parting tool as I rough out the cove.

Fine shavings from the spindle gouge

These fine spiral shavings are made by the spindle gouge as I refine the shape of the cove.

Bird's nest shavings from the skew chisel

These are my favourite! I like to think of them as delicate little bird nests or woven baskets. They come off of the skew chisel as I turn the very top of the bottle stopper.

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